Digitally Connecting Seniors in Today’s Social Environments

I don’t think I was prepared for the day my nearly 90-year-old grandpa showed up on social media in selfie form. I remember wondering when he had mastered his cellphone. Gerontechnology bridges the gaps between Baby Boomer and Millennials.

Lifesaving Gadgets for Grandparents

My young niece, a high schooler, made it her mission to introduce my octogenarian grandfather to the wide world of digital communications. I am impressed by the way she taught him to easily navigate the web to find the information he needed.

Smartphones are but one of many technologically friendly devices that allow the elderly to perform daily duties and manage a digital world with dignity and efficiency. Virtual reality and video calling has enabled homebound seniors to interact more fluidly with friends and relatives, and personal emergency alert systems offer peace of mind to seniors and their loved ones.

Gerontechnology Keeps the Lines of Communication Open

No one wants to inhibit the individual freedoms of senior citizens, but sometimes restrictions are medically necessary. Gerontechnology such as health monitoring devices that record movements and alert medical help when needed have shortened emergency response times and provided medical professionals with accurate readings that reflect the daily activities of seniors.

An up-to-date medications list, allergy information, and records of recent medical procedures assist doctors in providing better care to their patients. For family members, gerontechnology provides added protection for their elderly loved ones. By design, gerontechnology is created for ease of use by those with limited mobility, whether they are healthy and vibrant or have disabilities.

Simple Solutions for an Aging Generation

Technology is present in every facet of society these days. The goal of gerontechnological devices is to ensure the elderly population has access to these advancements, without requiring an on-call tech wizard to utilize. Ergonomic designs with simplified access and commands allows seniors to use these innovations with ease and confidence.

As the lifespan of people stretches with medical advancements, it becomes more important to advance communicative accessibility for all. Our senior members of society played integral roles in creating the world we live in, and it’s our social duty to ensure that their golden years are spent happily and healthily.

 If you have ever witnessed someone bedbound in a residential nursing home light up at the thought of a visitor, imagine how exciting it could be to chat with a long-lost friend across the country. Virtual reality transports users to incredible places with the touch of a button and has been used successfully to lift morale among long term care patients.

Gerontechnology in the Future

It’s probably safe to assume that these technological advancements will continue to evolve, creating new opportunities for senior citizens to remain active, healthy, informed, and connected. This growing industry is focused on providing the most functional and useful solutions for everyday challenges the elderly face. It is comforting to know that with innovative products and dedicated professionals, senior citizens have options thanks to gerontechnology.