Exciting Tech for Seniors Who are Young at Heart

Humans are clever and creative beings. Thanks to human ingenuity and inquisitiveness, our life expectancy has been extended by decades compared to previous eras. I have often wondered what technology will be available to aid me in my Golden Years. The field of gerontechnology addresses this question with innovative technology aimed toward the elder generations of our communities.

Personal Monitoring Systems Save Lives

Perhaps you remember the cringeworthy medical alert commercials of the 80’s? These spots ran alongside science fiction and medical drama television shows, impressing the possibilities of scientific advancements to come, based on what was only fantasy just a short time ago, into my mind. Elderly members of my family have lived into their 90s, so I probably have another 50 years to experience life to its fullest.

We have a plethora of equipment at our disposal for many health-related diagnostics checks. Personal monitoring systems such as blood pressure monitors, diabetic testing supplies, and Bluetooth/mobile phone accessories have helped many to track their health changes. There are exciting options for people of all ages, including seniors.

For many seniors, their functionality and general social interaction decreases as their mobility fails; gerontechnology is designed with this need as it’s foremost concern. As digital technology melds with everyday products, the market for reliable, consistent, and real-time monitoring has expanded. Cutting edge products like virtual reality and smart home programs are helping the elder generation stay connected with their world and keeping them safe in the process.

Gerontechnology Offers Dignity in the Digital Age

Let’s face it, digital integration into our everyday situations is like modern day magic. With a single device, we can record, share, create, store, photograph and communicate verbally with folks anywhere on Earth. By providing the aging populace with technology with their specific needs as key components, seniors are living healthier, happier, and more independent lives with gerontechnology.

Keeping Tabs and Charting the Results from Home

Another benefit of gerontechnology that is useful to the elder generations of families like mine is real time monitoring of serious health conditions. For patients who require certain lifesaving equipment, the ability to log and reproduce saved data has dramatically increased emergency response time, and as a result, patient recovery as well.

Emergency Service Response Systems are available in a variety of products, as are cyber-interactive programs such as video monitoring and virtual personal assistants. If exercise routines are part of a daily regimen, these too can be digitally tracked and shared with your healthcare professional, as well as menus, prescription information, and allergy alerts.

Gerontechnology Bridges the Past, Present, and Future

Instead of being isolated by immobility or health concerns, gerontechnology connects the elderly population to greater portions of their accustomed routines. This has had a positive effect on physical and mental care for aged patients. Medical science has proven the health boosting attributes of social interaction, and many seniors relish the opportunities provided by gerontechnology to stay connected in life.