What is Gerontechnology?

There are always new buzzwords and code words that professionals are using in order to explain things that are going on in our new, interesting world. But, because of that, you may be at a point where, while you’re researching certain things, you may be curious as to what some terms mean and if they affect you.

If you have an aging family member, you may be looking to figure out what it is that you need to do in order to help them out. During your search, you may have come across a term – gerontechnology. What is this and why does it matter today? What is going on in this area of study that can help older adults to have their best life aging that they can?

Defining Gerontology

Before we can define gerontechnology, we want to look at gerontology first. In short, gerontology is the study of older adults and what their world is like. It looks at a number of different aspects of senior citizen’s lives, from societal views, to caring for them, to medical needs and more. Gerontechnology is studying how people can help older people through the aging process and as they proceed toward the end of their lives.

Where Did Gerontechnology Come From?

So, with this, it’s important to see that gerontechnology has become a bit of a thing over the years. Not only does it involve looking at how older adults interact with technology, but it also approaches how technology can be used to assist older adults as they age. Whether they’re in nursing homes, assisted living, or living independently, technology can be used in order to help older adults with their daily lives. This field studies how this can become a reality.

How Can Technology Assist with Aging?

There are a lot of different ways that technology can assist with aging. For example, cameras and emergency systems can play a significant role in preventing problems related to falls, which are common in older adults. They can help family members or emergency services determine when an older adult has fallen and may be unable to call for help themselves as a result of that fall. It can also help with mobility, medication, and a number of other areas that are important to consider during the aging process.

Where is this Field Going in the Future?

There are so many new technologies coming out, and the ones that focus on older adults are just getting better all of the time. It’s become its own industry, and it’s really not surprising that it is starting to make a huge difference for older adults with all sorts of abilities and circumstances.

As you can see, gerontechnology is a big deal and it’s just going to become an even bigger deal as the more technology-savvy generations start to age. There is a lot to be done here and, as you look at what is going on, you’ll find that it can be a really big advancement to help older adults get what they need with the help of specialized technologies.